Ar-Tre introduces its new collection at EuroCucina 2024

EuroCucina 2024 was about more than just planning, design, innovative materials and technologies. It also focused on the creation of a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, attention to detail and relationship-building that make the kitchen space so special for those who live in it.

The new Ar-Tre collections shown at the 2024 event fit perfectly into this context, because they are variations of different kitchen stories, of our experience and of the passion we pour into our products.

The core idea of our displays was the notion of essence, which was conveyed through an olfactory sensory experience that guided our guests through the exhibit. Furthermore, the geometric consistency of the objects, characterised by essential and organic lines, was in keeping with the Essentia concept.

The colours used, which occasionally featured striking hues, were inspired by the natural world in order to capture the essence of the earth. Real, broad-leaved plants imbued the room with a sense of freshness and vitality, seamlessly integrating with the design of the space.

Elite reinterprets door frames in a modern key

The new Elite modern kitchen has been designed for those who appreciate the elegance of framed doors but wish to integrate them into a contemporary setting. The Elite frame is slim and geometric, which makes it perfect for minimalist, Scandinavian, modern and contemporary kitchen designs.

At EuroCucina, it was presented with matte terracotta lacquered doors in combination with dark reeded wood effect doors from the WAVE collection.


New finishes for I Naturali

The I Naturali collection mixes natural and contemporary elements to create a unique setting. It combines real wood with materials such as HPL, organic glass, Fenix and lacquer. With its versatile combinations, the I Naturali modern kitchen is great for anyone looking to express their personality.

We are making big changes to the current I Naturali range, which we presented at EuroCucina 2024. First of all, we updated the veneered cabinet door section with new oak colours, which are now available in two veneered variants. The first is the Mood variant in knotted oak, while the second is the Domus variant in flamed oak with vertical grain.

Furthermore, the range of doors available has been extended to include the Wave style, which features doors in a vertical reeded wood finish. In addition, the product line has been enhanced with the introduction of smooth doors in HPL, PET and lacquered glass.

One of the most significant changes is the introduction of Fusion, a metal frame with a matte anthracite finish, with internal panelling in different materials and finishes. These include veneered panelling (in the same versions as the veneered doors), lacquer, Fenix, HPL, PET and matte or glossy lacquered glass.


A new variation on Up Design

At EuroCucina 2024 we also presented an innovative variation of our Up Design collection.

Up Design is the kitchen that seamlessly blends the warmth of wood with the functionality of a melamine cabinet door, while maintaining a sleek, contemporary design. The Up Design modern kitchen allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of wood while maintaining the comfort provided by melamine.

We presented the Up Design kitchen with roasted walnut melamine doors in combination with pistachio green lacquered doors.


Ginevra with a modern twist

We also showcased the Ginevra kitchen, which exudes timeless elegance and refinement. The composition presented at EuroCucina 2024 featured a modern interpretation of the ashlar frame, with cashmere lacquered doors.


Our latest design for EuroCucina 2024

At EuroCucina 2024, we showcased a brand new design: the Vanity collection, with a solid wood frame in natural ash, finished with matte blue lacquered doors.

Contact us to learn more about our latest products on show at EuroCucina 2024.



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