Materic emotion

The Briccola is a nautical structure used to indicate waterways in the lagoons of Venice; it consists of two or more large larch wood poles tied together and placed in the water, driven into the seabed. Artesi is inspired by history and the Briccola top, with its matericity, becomes the distinctive feature of the project, a precious material that identifies a style to furnish any bathroom with taste.


The sign of time
A materic wood with chromatic nuances given by time and with deep grains gives visual and tactile emotions. Combined with Artesi’s range of colours, it creates an elegant and timeless mix.


Colour and Texture
Briccola is available in three colours and can be incorporated into any collection. Alone, wall-hung or in the countertop version, it adapts to every design style.


StyleInterni, Your Dream Home Starts With Us.

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