Materic excellence

Materic excellence

Agha offers a wide collection of shower trays with an exclusive, materic
design. Elegant and resistant, Agha shower trays combine comfort with
design, and the many different finishes in which they are offered make them
adaptable to any interior. They are made of materials selected to be
resistant to scratches and abrasions. They are also designed to be
non-slip, antibacterial and drip-proof. Our shower trays will accompany you
in moments of relax.


Total look

The Step S shower tray features a
special materic finish and is available in
eight colours. With elegant lines and a
surface that is pleasant to the touch. To
achieve an effect of materic continuity
and meet every furnishing requirement.
The Step S tray can be combined with Step S – shower walls.


Maximum versatility

The entire Agha shower tray collection
is totally customisable, allowing for
installation on or flush with the floor,
vertical combinations with wall panels in
the same finish and made-to-measure
installations. Colours, materials and
textures combined with the shower tray
collection allow for unique and
personalised compositions

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