STRUCTURE: The lowered spring structure is based on the traditional and tried and tested Bonnell method. The individual springs are connected to one another, and feature a lower height than normal. This makes it possible to create a low and simultaneously rigid support layer, whose firmness is also maintained by the perimeter Box Spring system.

SUPPORT: Baja features a balanced spring structure with a homogenous level of support to the entire body, typical of traditional Bonnell spring mattress, with proven dependability and durability.

                                      15 cm (approx.)

Standard dimension
75 x 185 cm
80 x 185 cm
80 x 190 cm
90 x 190 cm

Wool Mix: Wool mix and cotton upholstery. This traditional and dependable choice features a selection of mixed wool that guarantees optimum temperature control for the winter side and selected mixed cotton to create fresh and breathable summer side. The Sanitized® cover is a woven elasticised fabric.

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