PRODUCT: Upholstered double beds

VERSIONS: Beds with Front or Easy-Up storage

The shaped and padded headboard of the Cloud double bed is an invitation to relaxation, and is perfect for giving the sleeping area a soft and relaxed atmosphere. As for the base of the bed, this can be chosen in continuity or in contrast with the headboard: from the low wooden bed frame, perfect for rooms dedicated to the mix of materials, there is also the padded option (high or low) in continuity with the headboard. For the more demanding, there is also the possibility of providing a container element. The different options reflect the different needs of the homeowner, both functional and style. In the Cloud model, attention to detail also plays on precise style elements, so much so that even the bed feet can be chosen in two different variations.

Cloud is the double bed that goes very well with the Stream bedside table ⟶ In the version with open compartment it is possible to match the color of the bed on part of the furniture, to create an element of continuity between the different accessories in the bedroom.

Cloud is an upholstered bed whose headboard is made up of two cushions, available with pinched edge or without. The bed frame can be chosen in different variations, in wood or padded, accompanying it with different types of feet. As for the finishes of the headboard, this is available in both fabric and eco-leather, to be chosen in different colours. Those who want a padded bed frame can also opt for the front lifting base or the easy-up model: both are perfect for creating additional storage space in the bedroom.

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