A design bed with frame structure made of solid European oak on which the structural bed base with a metal frame and birch slats are secured. The wooden headboard is made of solid European oak planks. The padded headboard has an inner birch plywood panel, padded with removable fabric, leather or eco-leather. The leather version has four vertical seams. It is available with 3 types of iron legs: Poliedro, Trapezio and V-shape.

Solid European oak wood, iron legs. Two-component acryl coat. Water-based vinyl glues and ureic resins complying with UNI-CEE standards are used.

Finiture Rovere/Oak finishes

Finiture Laccato poro aperto / Open-pore lacquered finishes

Tessuto poliestere misto lino / Linen and polyester mix fabric

Tessuto Velluto / Velvet fabric

Ecopelle / Ecoleather fabrics

Pelle / Leather

Pelle Vintage/ Vintage Leather

Finiture gambeFerro / Iron legs finishes 

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