Kamila 200


STRUCTURE: powder coated steel tubing, section 50×37 mm

MATTRESS BASE: 13 beech plywood slats, dimensions 68×8 mm (68×12 mm in the 120 cm version)

MATTRESS STIFFNESS: two independent mattress supports in the queen size version

SUPPORTS: single silent nylon support fixing

STIFFNESS: adjustable lumbar stiffness sliders

SECTIONS: 3 section manual operation with inclination of the head/feet

Standard dimension
80 x 190/195/200 cm
85 x 190/195/200 cm
90 x 190/195/200 cm
120 x 190/195/200 cm
140 x 190/195/200 cm
160 x 190/195/200 cm
165 x 190/195/200 cm
170 x 190/195/200 cm
180 x 190/195/200 cm

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