STRUCTURE: The structure of 3,000 small and compact micro-pocket springs is optimal for the recirculation of air. The perimeter structure is reinforced on the long side.

FRESH MEMORY LAYER: The upper side is in Fresh Memory, a foam with a vegetal additive that dissipates the heat naturally produced by the body to produce a sensation of freshness and comfort. The additive is derived from raw materials made from a renewable and ecologically compatible source.

MASSAGING PROFILE ECO LYMPHA: The structure of independent pocket springs is enclosed by a profile in Eco Lympha® foam. This plant-based microcellular polyurethane foam is arranged in strips and profiles with a dense overlap of differentiated channels that provide a massaging effect to the whole body and ensure the rapid evaporation of excess humidity. Its resistance to deformation is a further guarantee of durability.

SUPPORT: Tresor mattress features different zones that ensure the most appropriate body support under various sleeping positions and react to the different pressures exerted by different parts of the body.

Available with band in two colour versions: White Ghiacco and Gray Pioggia

                                      24 cm (approx.)

Standard dimension
80 x 190/195/200 cm
85 x 190/195/200 cm
90 x 190/195/200 cm
100 x 190/195/200 cm
120 x 190/195/200 cm
140 x 190/195/200 cm
160 x 190/195/200 cm
170 x 190/195/200 cm
180 x 190/195/200 cm

Natura Kapok: “Vegetable silk” padding. This light and elastic fibre is made from incredibly thin filaments of cellulose filled with air and covered by a layer of natural wax extracted from the fruit of tropical Ceiba trees. Featuring up to 80% of air inside its fibres, this excellent insulator is inhospitable to bacteria thanks to its rapid drying properties. The external fabric is treated with antibacterial products.
Easy Clean: 100% hypoallergenic padding. Breathable and elastic, with optimum hypoallergenic and antibacterial characteristics, it is made from thermal hollow polyester fibres that permit air flow and support the evaporation of humidity emitted by the body during sleep. It is supplied by Dacron, a European leader in the production of padding fibres. The external fabric is treated with antibacterial products to protect against dust mites.

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