The new mag is out

Here we are with a new issue of MAG Londonart, in this edition, you will find an eclectic selection of content that embraces creativity and excellence in all its forms. From fashion to culinary art, from design to new destinations to explore, in a multi-sensory journey through the contemporary cultural panorama.


Botanical Blend wallpapers are an artistic fusion of natural elements, which transform environments into oases of serenity. These wallpapers capture the beauty and variety of the plant kingdom with a blend of leaves, flowers and plants. The designs are rich in detail, from the veins of the leaves to the shades of the petals, creating a vibrant and realistic atmosphere. The green and neutral tones blend harmoniously, bringing a feeling of freshness and vitality to the spaces. Perfect for turning any room into a natural retreat, Botanical Blend wallpapers add a touch of tranquility and timeless beauty to any environment.


StyleInterni, Your Dream Home Starts With Us.

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